Global Solutions & Services, Inc., is a boutique consulting firm focused on assisting for profit and not for profit companies improve internal processes, procedures and strategies, through the use of Lean Management Principles.


Our motto “Improvement…it’s a process” defines our philosophy of business and life. The goal is always to improve; the key is to understand the process for achieving long term, substantial and sustainable improvement.


We have experience in sectors as diverse as manufacturing, health care, logistics, religious institutions, charities and public sector enterprise and with businesses of all sizes.  Projects may be short or long term and we give clients the principles and tools to continually improve in whatever area they like.

Beyond our entrepreneurial consulting, Global Solutions & Services, Inc. also provides training and facilitation in Lean Management, Logistics Planning and implementation of Lean Principles throughout the Supply Chain.

We know your pain – the sleepless nights, the desire to make things better and move yourself and your organization in new directions. We’ve felt your pain – we can relate to you - check us out and you’ll be surprised how much you can relate to us.

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