We'll Get You Going, You'll Keep It Going

Global Solutions & Services fills the gap left by traditional consulting firms that break the bank and small, entry level shops missing the knowledge and experience gained by decades of successful, hands on projects.


We have no preconceptions determining how your business should be run. We have experience in a wide range of industries, but we are not experts in your industry.  We are experts in successfully applying Lean Management Principles in an almost endless variety of environments.

Lean management is learned through daily practice and testing your skills against operational challenges and from your competitors.  We will help you implement operational excellence through teaching, demonstration of new ways of working, and continuously challenging you to improve performance. We do this in five main ways:

  • Diagnostics and design of lean implementation project
  • Education and practical training in lean principles and tools
  • Rapid improvement (kaizen) workshops of varying duration and style
  • Visual management systems to make the plan, the status of performance and problems visible to all
  • A system of follow ups and checks of the management system by the management

 At Global Solutions & Services we value results and relationships. You get the best of one by investing in the other. Our partners and consultants provide the depth and breadth of experience clients want as well as the adaptability required to work within different corporate cultures. Our partners and consultants deliver results and build relationships; we look forward to doing that for you.

Business processes are built to drive

operations improvementand profit to your bottom line,

not merely to meet audit or certification requirements.

We offer consulting expertise in:


Business Management



Strategic Development

Service Providers


Customer & Supplier Metrics


Customer Service

Business Policies & Procedures


Front Office



Back Office



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