There has never been a time in recent history more perfect to apply Lean to government.


Lean Principles applied to government allow for the possibility of re-shaping government through the elimination of waste. Despite their best efforts, few (if any) governments are rewarded by being told that they were speedy, of high quality or highly efficient. Embarking on a Lean transformation allows a governmental entity to improve their processes and services in multiple areas:


  • Public Works
  • Finance
  • Code Enforcement
  • Planning & Permitting
  • Police & Fire Departments



Unfortunately, the very nature of government creates an inability to see waste and there is a need to do more with less. When you consider that up to 90% of all the efforts that go into providing a service or product are non - valued added, there is a more than ample opportunity for the elimination of waste. For government to fulfill its mandate:


  • The product or service has to be the right product or service
  • The product or service has to be there in the right quantity
  • The product or service has to be in the right condition
  • The product or service has to be in the right place
  • The product or service has to be there at the right time


Additionally, in an effort to provide optimum service levels to citizens, government should consider:


  1. What they are delivering in terms of value? How they can eliminate activities that don’t add value to citizens and businesses? If regulatory reasons require these activities, how the efforts involved can be minimized?
  2. Whether they really know what goes into doing what they do? How they put value-adding activities together to minimize needless movement of people or goods?
  3. Whether their operations flow? How they can move toward a continuous flow of work, and away from separate steps that each have their own requirements?
  4. Whether they giving their citizens and businesses what they want when they want it? How they can do just as much of this work as needed, when it is needed and where it is needed?


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