Logistics companies that utilize Lean, understand the value of Continuous Improvement, have identified the waste within their organization and have made a commitment to a significant culture change. At Global Solutions & Services, Inc. (GSS) we can do the same for you.


At GSS, we know your organization is unique and constantly in flux. You probably spend a lot of your time working in the business (solving problems, dealing with customers and managing employees) but you probably get to spend very little time working on the business.


Logistics – inbound or outbound are art forms.. Competition and economic realities require that art be continually refined and that’s where Continuous Improvement comes in. Continuous Improvement through the identification and elimination of waste is the key to Lean Logistics.


Waste affects your bottom line in terms of money and time yet often, in a logistics environment, accepting waste becomes part of the culture because it isn’t recognized:


  1. Over Production: Producing too much of a product or service or before it is needed.
  2. Transportation: Movement of materials, products or information that does not add value.
  3. Inventory: More information, project, material on hand than the customer needs right now.
  4. Waiting: Inactive or lost time created when material, information, people or equipment is not ready.
  5. Motion: Any motion not necessary to successfully complete an operation or task.
  6. Defects: Work that contains errors or mistakes, lacks something vital or needs rework
  7. Over-processing: Efforts that create no value from the customer's viewpoint.
  8. Skills: Underutilization of employee skills and knowledge.


Although waste can be difficult to identify, we’ll teach you how to do it so that you can quantify the costs associated with it. We’ll also help you increase your success by providing real-world training in Lean within your environment, on your timetable.

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