At Global Solutions & Service, Inc. we are committed to assisting Medical entities provide enhanced services, streamlined operations and faster turnaround to their clients and patients using Continuous Improvement (Lean).


An example of a well known success in the application of Lean was at Virginia Mason Medical Center. Since implementing Lean, this Seattle, Washington, medical center has:


•     Saved $11 million in planned capital investment by using space more efficiently

•     Freed an estimated 25,000 square feet of space using better space designs

•    Reduced the time it takes to report lab test results to the patient by more than 85 percent

•    Reduced inventory costs by more than $1 million

•    Reduced staff walking distance by 60 miles per day

•    Increased productivity by about 93% in a few targeted areas by moving the most common supplies to point of use, and creating kits containing frequently needed supplies


The fact that waste is many times intangible, it abounds in medical settings. Consider your medical establishment and see if any of these scenarios typical of waste look familiar:


•    Workers are interrupted to respond to other co-workers or patients. It takes time for them to get back into the rhythm of whatever they were previously doing (Waste of waiting, unneeded processing)

•   Workers must wait for the computer to boot, to load data that has been requested, or to open up additional programs needed to access data not available in the system typically used (Waste of waiting)

•   Workers deal with batches of the same type of form, so any individual forms wait a long time to be processed (Waste of waiting, inventory)

•   There are multiple hand-offs to different workers who each perform only a small part of the process. The work waits at each step (Waste of waiting)

•   Everyone does the same job each differently. Those receiving that work product deal with the difficulty created because of the variety in the work product they receive (Waste of defects, unnecessary processing)

•   Workers spend time searching for missing files, supplies, or people (Waste of unnecessary processing, Waiting)

•   Workers are tasked with checking other people’s work or approving routine decisions (Waste of unnecessary processing)

•   Workers spend a lot of time responding to various crises, such as patients or co-workers upset over mistakes or delays (Waste of unnecessary processing)


Lean is especially beneficial for medical entities (nursing homes, urgent care centers, clinical research facilities, etc.) that don’t have the big hospital budget to support permanent internal consultants. Global Solutions & Services (GSS) will provide new perspectives that lead to more efficient use of existing budgets.

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