Supply Chain

Have you ever contemplated your current supply chain and wondered if there was a better way? The better way is Lean but sometimes determining exactly what your supply chain needs to go Lean can be challenging – and that’s where Global Solutions & Services can help.


The best supply chain is a short supply chain and absent that choice, Lean can help you eliminate the waste hampering your efforts. There are so many elements to a functioning supply chain (suppliers, vendors, customers, service providers, distributors, etc.) that it’s easy to be overwhelmed.

When applying Lean Principles to your supply chain, we’ll consider multiple factors, including but not limited to purchasing and procurement functions, inventory reduction and warehouse management and transportation options and procedures.


Over accumulation of inventory in your warehouse or storeroom and multiple procurement functions and vendors can really complicate a supply chain. That excess inventory for example, requires resources to maintain and store it. Also, the desire to keep your customers happy can result in poor shipping decisions and excessive cost.


The decision to Lean your supply chain has major implications and ramifications for everyone upstream and downstream from you; a cohesive, systematic and repeatable approach is imperative for any kind of success:

  • Determine the value from the customers point of view (VOC)
  • Ensure the product and information flow
  • Focus on pulling the product not pushing it
  • Maintain a focus on Continuous Improvement


At GSS we’ll work with you and your suppliers – the ones that are truly visible as well as the ones that aren’t, to implement that system that will manage the complexity added every time a new element of your supply chain is uncovered.

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